Our Roadmap

MetaSync DAO Stages



At launch MetaSync will release its initial 10,000 collection (Resource Pass).

Each Resource Pass is recognized as an asset to the platform, and will contain lifetime value for holders. Similarly, each Resource Pass acts exclusively as a vehicle to our ecosystem, gives you access to the MetaSync DAO, and enables governance over the MetaSync DAO.

We expect our Resource Passes to have an extreme demand, generating a continued rise in value. The MetaSync team expects to harness mass interest to become the premier platform for purchase, sales, and community driven development of creators.



Product: Product: On chain DAOs with royalty rights to specific baskets of music royalties. Royalty shares will be sent to its respective DAO. Ownership is only acquired through the purchase of an ERC-721 NFT launched from its particular collection. (Resource Pass holders are not automatically invested in ongoing DAOs.)

We decentralize music releases and IP ownership through a structured recurring DAO economy.

Upon purchase of a token, the user is granted ownership of the underlying music or art. Each collection will have its own DAO that will have proposals periodically where each vote will take place on the blockchain. Each token will cast 1 vote per proposal. (Example of a collection: song/mixtape/album)

MetaSync‘s music will be released on all streaming platforms without interfering with musicians‘ rollouts with royalty agreements set in place. A percentage will be sent to specific DAOs. (Songs to still be released on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, TIDAL, etc.).

We are making streaming music safe for gamers. In developing our own IP, we will allow platforms like Twitch, Triller, Youtube Gaming, and others to safely use MetaSync music. This will directly create more revenue for the songs, and ultimately for the respective DAOs.

Each DAO for the specific collection launched will own rights forever, payments will be made on contract making ownership immutable.

Investors/owners will have cryptographic proof and history of royalty payments, offering instant asset evaluation and visibility to performance.

Snapshots of the holders will be taken at predetermined intervals/times to ensure the fairness of stakeholders receiving royalty payments.

A percentage (%) of royalties and Intellectual Property of music and art launched on our platform based on which DAO the consumer engages in.

Fans will have the ability to directly own and share in the success of the artists that they care about most. We will launch collections of released and unreleased music which can be bought and sold on our platform.

We will be garnering exclusive partnerships.

Each DAO MetaSync generates pursues the opportunity to create an ecosystem where creators and their respective communities have open collaboration, continued opportunity to support their favorite artists, and generating revenue for audiences that support group driven decisions.



Reward Holders

- Future collaborations, acquisitions, art and music, will reward holders on our platform. All holders retain access.

-DAO communities will have opportunities to direct music videos

Our Own IP

-Streamers will be allowed to stream our music on gaming platforms safely with the consent of MetaSync, avoiding DCMA takedowns. The MetaSync team will make the music safe for streaming by developing our own IP

Virtual Land + Experiences

- Major concerts to launch with mainstream artists
- MetaSync will build the first ever monumental concert venue
- MetaSync will host private events
- MetaSync will build a music station
- MetaSync will build a music library
- DAO stakeholders will retain premiere access to attend each event held by MetaSync

IRL Franchises + Experiences

- Access to franchises purchased by MetaSync (retail stores, cars, etc)
- Meet & Greets periodically throughout the year
- IRL Concerts and event access, all access passes
- Build workshops around the world to teach neighborhoods about crypto and NFTs

Fan Exclusives

- Merch drops exclusively for the community
- Royalties from community outreach opportunities
- Whitelist access to MetaSync platform releases
- Whitelist opportunities on new projects throughout the entire space - Investment tips by professionals and serial entrepreneurs


- Governance for MetaSync DAO and ongoing DAOs treasury assets (every voice will be heard - every NFT token has a vote)
- Access to opportunities and innovation in the space

05. Musicians & Artists Welcome

We Are Looking for Talented Musicians & Artists