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$SYNC - MetaSync's Native Token
By owning a MetaSync NFT, you will have the opportunity to stake your asset to earn the MetaSync native token. Holders will be able to stake their NFTs to accrue rewards in $SYNC.

Earned $SYNC provides governance over the particular DAO a consumer has purchased equity into and its treasury assets. This enables eligibility for packages to accrue perks and benefits. $SYNC Tokens will also be made available for purchase. $SYNC is an in-platform currency only, its value is determined by our community. $SYNC is MetaSync's virtual currency in which it will be used to purchase merchandise from exclusive partnerships, virtual and in real life experiences, artwork, bonus music and more. Purchased tokens and earned tokens will have distinct differences.

MetaSync strives to make $SYNC affordable for all and will include several bundles available for purchase as well as discounts and sales. For example, tiered packages of $SYNC will be readily available for purchase. Users can buy a predetermined amount at their own discretion that retains lifetime value and will not expire.

*Tokenomics are still in discovery, these are to be determined.


The MetaSync tiering structure is an accumulating system where later tiers include those that precede it. This collection of benefits and privileges are available when you acquire a package, which places patrons in an exclusive group. Join MetaSync’s tiering system to unravel the ever-evolving assembly of exclusive benefits associated with its emerging ecosystem.


  • Pre-mint/Whitelist Passes (one use)
  • Merch NFT
  • 3rd-party NFT
  • 1 Redeemable NFT Coupon (used to purchase specific artists' NFTs)
  • Discord Badges
  • Staking Reward Booster


  • 1 Backstage Pass NFT (lyric pack, behind the scenes music video/production NFT)
  • Concert Discount Code
  • Physical Merch
  • Merch Table Discount (one time use)


  • VIP Pass to festival/show
  • Exclusive Merch
  • Virtual Studio Pass (collaboration on music video, private listening party, and more)
  • 1 MetaSync Resource Pass
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